Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sorry for the long delay, folks.  I have to admit, though, the fire to write and blog just hasn't been there for a while!  I hate to say it but it's the truth  :(  I can't explain why but I'm back in the swing of things and have written some letters and am ready to blog!  It really is inspiring to read all of y'all's blogs and see letters being written and art being created; it really brought me out of this recent funk, so thank you all for that!  Check out some of my recent mail:


^Above 3 pictures form one letter from Zoe.  I wrote her an intro letter a couple weeks back and I got a prompt reply, always a plus!  ;)  Great letter, mail tag requests, and a cute bumper sticker.

  ^Milton fold-n-seal from The Missive Maven.  A while back I sent her a Milton fold-n-seal of my own so she sent me one back in return!

^First of two letters from a pen pal swap on Swap-bot.  This girl included some fun greeting cards along with her great intro letter, which was written on paper made from elephant dung!  Cool, huh?

^Second letter from above-mentioned swap.  Another great intro letter from a woman who I was paired up with for my St. Patrick's day swap back in March.  She didn't mention remembering me from that swap so I'm not sure if she remembers me or not...I'll have to remind her in my reply back.  ;)

^Cool vintage postcard from Megan.  I am excited to write back with an intro letter to get our letter-writing rolling!

^Fantastic letter from Bianca.  (Image courtesy her blog)  I especially love this because a WHILE back she posted pictures of some envelopes she had made, this one included, and I distinctly remember saying to myself, 'Wow, I LOVE that envelope!'  I just thought it was so weird but cool and I almost asked Bianca to send my next letter in it, but then I decided against it since it it might sound a bit...greedy...so then I check her blog a few days back and sure enough, there is my name on THAT envelope!  Yeah, so, her letter was great as always, and on top of it, one of my mail tag requests in my last letter to her was 'something mail art-related that I can put to use' and what I had in mind was, like, a postcard or two, or a few labels, or some stickers, and she ended up sending a TON of stuff, all of which I loved.  Really above and beyond; so much fun!  Check it all out:


^Labels, stickers, tags, fun bits & pieces...

^WAY COOL handmade envelope with sewn flap.

Unfortunately at this point, my outgoing pile is much smaller than my incoming pile, but I'm working on changing that as we speak!  Here is what I've put in the mail (or will be putting in the mail first thing tomorrow):
^Reply to Lauren.  Envelope made from a sci-fi art book I picked up at the thrift store.

^Long-delayed reply to Belen.  I was having trouble coming up with good mail tag replies but it all came together (with some help from J) at the last moment so I hope she enjoys everything!  :)

Well that'll do it for this post, folks.  Hope you all are well.  I'll update with other outgoing (and hopefully incoming!) items as they come up.  L8R!  :)


  1. Glad your back! I have periods where I don't blog or write for awhile, its good to have a break.
    So glad you got my postcard, looking forward to hearing back from you.
    And yes Bianca is amazing she sent me alot of wonderful stuff a little while ago that I have had alot of fun with.

  2. Wow, wonderful mail. I get really jealous. Even if I have no reason, as my pen pals are amazing, too.

    I love the envelopes you made. They look wonderful.

  3. Ummm.... I CAN'T WAIT! AHHH!
    Funny about the mail-tag, because I don't remember what I even asked you, lol.

  4. Aww, glad to see my letter was well received! And I loved seeing some of the bits and pieces I sent on your outgoing letters already! :D