Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby Steps

Hey all. This post is an experiment... just trying to get the hang of my photo editing program and uploading pictures and stuff. This was one of the first envelopes I made when I started experimenting a couple of weeks ago. I had read online somewhere that pages from children's books made really great envelopes so I headed to the thrift store and bough a bunch of Disney classics for like, $0.95 each and have made a bunch of envelopes from them! This particular one went to one of my best friends and Disney fanatic, Madison. I included about 5 or 6 note cards worth of a letter in there. Still haven't heard if she got it or not...hoping it didn't get lost somewhere along the way... So far I don't think I've ever sent a piece of mail that got lost or didn't get sent properly...keeping my fingers crossed that my luck holds. OK folks, more posts to come as soon as I get more pics uploaded and edited.

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  1. Aaron! Yay for your new blog - can't wait to see your recipes up here! =)