Friday, February 26, 2010

Family Ties

This will be a quick post as J has to get on our [one] computer to do some work on a big paper he has due on Tuesday. But, I really did want to share some mail I got today that made me very happy. The incoming is:

^A beautiful postcard of Rhode Island from The Missive Maven to add to my collection for my 50 State Challenge! She told me to let her know if it wasn't "Rhode Island" enough for my challenge...if the Maven is reading, it's perfect! :)

Second incoming was:

^Probably the quirkiest, most out-of-the-ordinary piece of mail I've yet to receive, from my cousin Colleen, who is quite the artist. It is a piece of cardboard that looks like it has been spray-painted with silver paint [it had a very particular scent], then has a hand-sewn piece of fabric stapled to the front. Also, those purple gems are 3-D and stand about 1/4 inch off the card. She said the mail worker calculating her postage actually cut his finger on the staples she used to apply the fabric piece...not sure if she was kidding or not but the staples were taped over...hehe...She has her own etsy shop; I should really get her shop name so I can link it here. She has some amazing quilts on there! I can't wait to come up with something to send her back. This postcard really reminds me that there are [almost] no limits as to what can't be sent through the mail. Colleen, if you're reading, I of course LOVE it!

^Back. This was actually my 2nd card from Montana...

I really should get on some responses to a couple letters I've gotten this week. I have been busy working on some homemade stationery for Megan's stationery swap; partners have just been assigned, actually! It turns out my partner is Patty of Just Letter Rip, who was the first participant in my 50 State Challenge...what a coincidence, right?! I love when stuff like that happens...of all the people who signed up for Megan's swap, my partner is one of the first people I had already 'met' after I got my blog up and running. Anyhow, I've got to start putting together some fun stuff for this swap...I can't wait! :)

Jeez, I LOVE MAIL! LoL, sorry that was just one of those outbursts I had to type, because I seriously am just looking at all this great mail I have received and it makes me feel so good! I've said it once, and I've said it again, but I am such a mail geek, and I'm glad I've found all you kindred spirits out there who share the love.

Until next time.

Aaron :)


  1. "sorry that was just one of those outbursts..."

    Hahaha yes!!!

  2. Hi Aaron,

    I got the email from Megan and I too remarked about the "coinkydinky" of having you assigned as my stationery swap partner. :-)

    Wow, your number of followers is really starting to pick up. Congrats on that. And, finally, a big thank you for adding my blog to your inspiration list. Now, back to the hunting-gathering phase of the stationery swap.

  3. Glad you liked the postcard! I have a special place in my heart for rainbows and thought you might, too. ;-)