Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Super Swap

So here's the post I promised with some attention to the Time After Tea stationery swap.  I was so happy to take part in this and even happier when my package far exceeded my expectations (not that I didn't expect something great from my swap partner Patty, I just didn't really have expectations going into it, you know)?  Anyway, another HUGE thanks to Patty for all the wonderful things she sent in the giant package for the swap.  I can't remember if I ever mentioned to her, but I LOVE vintage stuff, and she sent along a good deal of it, which made me super happy.  Take a look at all the wonderful things she sent my way:

^Real, unused vintage postage stamps.  Um, YES PLEASE!

^Lots and lots of mailing labels, one thing I have yet to buy for myself...will have no trouble putting these to use!

^Vintage Batman fold-n-seals.  OMG I LOVE THESE.

^I got such a kick out of the dialogue in this one...

^Kitty cat fold-n-seals.  I know a certain someone who might enjoy receiving one of these.  :)

^Bewitched fold-n-seals.  Again, I can't believe she included these.  Bewitched holds a special place in my heart because growing up I would watch the show on Nick at Nite every summer on "Bewitched BeWednesdays!"  I get a very strong feeling of nostalgia whenever I think of that show, The Munsters, I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie etc. because they remind me of such good times being a kid over summer break...sigh...

^Mail-themed rub-ons.  I actually have never heard of such a thing but I guess I will be experimenting with these very soon!  

^Tractor calendar envelopes.  I love hand-made envelopes...everyone has their own style so it's great to see different templates.  I think these may be the most manly thing I own...LoL!

^MORE VINTAGE!  Air Mail-themed envelopes and note paper.  I hate to even use them because I just want to keep them forever! 

Great stuff, huh?  Here are a few pictures of what I sent out in my package to Patty for the swap.  I feel kinda bad because I certainly didn't include as much stuff as she did, but my collection of stuff to send for mail-related swaps is pretty small at this point, and most stuff I send has to be made or bought, and I don't have a ton of money to spend.  That said, I think I put together a pretty decent package and Patty said she really enjoyed it, so that's what really counts, right?  Ok, here we go:

^All contents together: Handful of handmade envelopes, sticker sheets, note cards with envelopes, "P" post-its, rubber stamps, and 6 sets of handmade stationery.

^Close-up of one style of stationery I made.  This was my first go at something like this, so they were nowhere near perfect...I cut out the 3 images from a food magazine article about traveling in France, glued them to paper, and drew lines for writing, then photocopied and made 5 sheets of each page.  I quite like the way they turned out.

^Close-up of my new rubber stamp.  I bought bird-themed scrapbook paper, cut it to note-size paper, and then stamped each page for a place to write date, etc.

Onto some food...

This past Friday, J and I had some of my good friends over for dinner and visiting time since I don't get to see them much anymore.  I say my friends because I knew them all first and I met J later, but we're all friends now.  :)  We put together a delicious roasted beet salad and then had a build-your-own-pizza bar for everyone to be creative with.  All 3 of them thoroughly enjoyed everything which makes J and I very happy.  :)

^Toppings: Arugula, goat cheese, parmesan, homemade pesto, sliced and diced tomato, basil, hummus, mozzarella, kalamata olives, capers, and homemade pizza dough out-of-frame.

^Before the oven...

^425 degrees and 10 minutes later...VOILA!  

Last deal of business for the day, some fun incoming mail.  I think after this post I will be all caught up with the multiple pieces of mail I've had lying around...such a nice feeling to know I've gotten around to posting it all and can safely put it where it belongs in my stash.

^Reply letter from Lauren.  LOVE all the date stamping!  I want to get one of those stamps so bad but have yet to find one that fits into my budget.  They're quite expensive, no?

^Back.  More date stamps?  Yes please.

^50 State Challenge entry from Bianca, to cross off Oregon.  This is a re-gift from a swap package she received, and it has a welcome spot in my collection now!  :)

^Back of the postcard, complete with signature Bianca-esque lettering, handwriting, and adornments.  I love the 3-D strawberry!  P.S., I guess it might seem kinda weird that I blurred out the message; it's not anything super personal or weird, I'm just taking a cue from other mail-bloggers who do the same.  In my mind I guess every message has something unique about it from person to person, and keeping it personal5 between person A and person B is a nice thing to do.

^Postcard from L, who was one of our dinner guests the other night.  She really, really enjoyed all of my postcards, letters, and fantastic things I've received from all over the world!  Usually, as I've mentioned before, people think my love for mail is a bit strange and a borderline addiction (LoL), so it was a nice change to have someone who enjoyed it so much!  :)  I told her if she thought the stuff I've created (envelopes, labels etc.) was so cool she should check out some of my fellow bloggers' stuff and be truly blown away!  I have yet to send her those links but now that I'm thinking of it I will.  Anyway, instead of a normal thank-you card, she sent a gorgeous postcard thank-you to add to my collection.

^Lovely decorations and a wonderful thank-you note.  

Well folks, that should do it for this post.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the incoming mail above!  By the way, if you see any fun mail items above (i.e. stuff from the stationery swap) that you like and would like to see in your mailbox, let me know!  I have a ton of stuff I am dying to use; I know some people who would like certain things, but definitely call dibs on anything you see and like!  Also, I have updated my 50 State Challenge list with the postcards I have received this week, so check back and see if you have anything to send my way!  :)  Like I said before, if you sent me something and I didn't post it here on the blog please let me know so I can give credit where credit's due, ESPECIALLY if you have submitted something for the postcard challenge.  I am really appreciative to anyone who sends something for that that I definitely want to acknowledge you all in some way.  Alrighty, until next time!  :)


  1. Mail is so much fun, and I know the feeling of being new and all this stuff and everything having to be bought or hand-made, but I think you did a great job with the swap and that's some really neat hand-made stationery. I'm Canadian so no use at all on the Postcard quest but if you are looking for another penpal (and I always am, at least for now) you should send your address my way :) my address is on my blog or my e-mail is strandedhero @ and I can send you a letter first myself.

  2. @Zoe: I would love to have you as a new pen pal! It's so funny because I was going to put something in my next post about always wanting new people to write to, and that I'm not just expecting postcards from everyone, lol, so you must have gotten my postal vibes! I will get to work on a letter to you as we speak, actually. I'm gonna go check out your blog now. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh isnt Patty lovely?? What a wonderful package. I love what you sent her too. I really adore the bwitched fold and seals! I will try and get a letter off to you this weekend??

  4. Your letter's is zee mailzzz! :)

    I have the blue labels too and that swirly stamp, lol. :)

    I hope you don't mind the lateness, there's an explanation in the letter.

  5. Wooow. I love your incoming mail and the stationery stuff you got. Really cool.
    I love bwitched as well. I was still small when it was in TV, but I always enjoyed it a lot.
    Writing is so much fun, isn't it? =)

  6. I got my date stamp on eBay for not much. It's just a turn thing, nothing complicated, but it does the job :)

    Also hi! Love your blog.

  7. Aaron,

    It's true. I've been into writing letters and scrapbooking a long time and have a lot of supplies around here. I was happy to share and your package was indeed wonderful. I especially loved the stationery you made and have already used nearly all of it! Also, I've found that I quite love the little memo pad shaped like the letter "P". I'm using it in my closing signature. How fun!

  8. That is a wicked package! So glad you enjoyed the postcard and that I happened to have one of a state you hadn't received one from yet!
    As always, the food in your posts makes me hungry.
    I only noticed the other day that I was almost up to 200 followers too, it was a surprise to me - perhaps another giveaway is in order!

  9. Definitely jealous of all the cool fold-n-seals! I will keep my eyes peeled for the Postcrossing card. Also, a card for your 50 state challenge is headed your way. Hopefully you won't already have another on by the time it arrives - but if so, then extra postcard for you! :)